Monday, December 6, 2010

Second Year Critique

After watching several second year Interior Architecture students present their projects today I had many thoughts about what I saw.  The two that stood out most to me was one of a plexi glass material and one made of cardboard.  The plexi glass one was inspired by the human spine and it is designed to be something that a person can walk through.  It appears like a tunnel of clear objects shaped in a dome type of way that all work together to create the whole, just like an actual spine.  The other presentation was based on the repetition of triangles in a series.  It is interactive and can be collapsed down or expanded out.  it is sort of a tunnel like shape that someone could go through, that serves more than one purpose.  It has a consistent overlapping theme.  Each of these have a model that can be held and a poster to help express the idea.  They were both highly effective idea that could be made in real life and used.  The critique involved a series of questions and explorations concerning their models.  They had to look at the paper as a structure and space.  They also explored various materials and focused on the surface of the one that they selected.  

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Composite Drawing

I drew this to show a plan view, a section view, an elevation and a expressive rendition of my light project.

Seeing The Light

This is my light project from many different views.  I was inspired by the light that shines through the leaves of trees.  I tried to express this with my luminare.  It not only shows the light on the wall but it also is shown by looking at the front of the actual model. 

Wood Project

 For this project using only a two by four piece of wood I used various types of saws and created this.  I made sure to have a place for each piece and I used every single piece that I cut, not letting any go to waste.  All of the pieces work together to form this as a whole, they are wedged into one another using nothing the wood, no nails or anything else.

Personal Reflection

This past semester I have created many drawings, all of different things in various scales of many subjects.  When I was putting together my final portfolio I observed all of my drawing beginning with the very first one all the way until my most recent one.  I think that I have improved a great deal.  There are many things that I noticed looked better.  The line quality is one of the main things that has improved.  I also now fully understand how to draw things to scale by using the scale ruler.  I learned how to draw many things in all ways including the pictorial views, orthographics, section drawings, perspective, along with sketching.  I feel like this wooden letter E that I drew in plan oblique, elevation oblique, and isometric is my most successful drawing from this semester.  I think it is well done because it is very exact with good line quality.  I also made sure to draw every line at the correct and accurate length to ensure it looked just like the real thing.

Scale Figures

This one is a contour line drawing of people from the class, I drew all the people around one person but not the person in the middle.

This drawing was of a few people from class, it is drawn at 3/8":1' scale.  It shows just the basic lines of the people with minimal detail.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Light Luminaire

The above are sketches I made of possible ideas of a light luminaire that I would like to create.  My thoughts behind this were to thoroughly observe and study the effect of sun light shining through the leaves and branches of various trees.  I really would like to express this idea in a manner that gets the point across and is easily known but is not quite so obvious and recognizable. 

Viewing Sketch Books

This was created by Cory Odell, I think he did well with showing the shadows of the object and the light coming through it.

This was created by Christine Lumans, she did a great job at showing the contrast between the dark and light of the wood grains.  It looks very real as if I was looking right at it.

The above three sketches are ones from my own sketch book that show different parts of my wood project, from different views of it.  I tried to focus mainly on the different grains in the wood and the various patterns and lines that it creates.  I found that aspect of my wood project to be very interesting.  I also tried to focus on how the pieces of wood are held together, one with inter locking pieces and the other way was with a rod holding them together.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Light Artist: James Turrell

*what is light? the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible; a source of illumination.
I personally define light into two categories; natural light and artificial light.  They are both quite different and produce very different affects.  

The light artist that I have selected is James Turrell. The quality of his work that is most special to me is the fact that he uses light and space so well.  It is a common occurrence in most of his pieces of work that the set up is a very dark space with a color being emphasized.  This color is creating various shapes through the use of pure light making it the primary focus in each of his photographs.
The artist I feel he compares the most to is Dan Flavin.  I think the photographs in which they take and their style of photography is very similar.  They both use a highly vibrant color and make white lighting within that color the dominant feature.  When I look at both of their work together it is hard for me to distinguish between the two of them.  The only thing they do not have in common that I noticed was that in some of Dan Flavin's photographs he uses a wide variety of colors and not just one.  This is different from James Turrell because he primarily sticks to one color in the majority of his photographs.  

The Light Inside 

Raethro Pink


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Object A&B Pictorials

Plan Oblique
I think I need to work on making my line quality consistent and make the circles look more accurate.
I did the overall layout of the objects well.

The main problem I had with this drawing was drawing the circles correctly.  I think I did a good job with the overall line quality.

Elevation Oblique
I think I need to work on making my lines more straight and precise.  I did a good job with the circles on this one.

Selected Object: Wooden Letter Pictorials

I feel like I have good lines and they are all measured correctly.  I think I could improve on make the erased lines not visible at all.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Place For Twigs

This is my final change to the project.  I placed the twigs in a very particular place where they gather centrally.  I also decided to confine them into a much smaller and close together place, this helps to make the main focus on the twigs.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Leaf Drawing

I drew this particular leaf while sitting at my desk in my dorm room, after finding on the walk way in front of my dorm.  I think this drawing of my leaf is the most successful because of the focus I made on shading and the emphasis of the variation in color.  It took me approximately about twenty minutes to complete this drawing.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Triangle Leaf Project

For this project I created a place for a leaf, the place that I selected was in the middle of a triangular object.  It is supposed to look as though the leaf is trying to escape from its enclosure.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I personally find inspiration from various things that I read, hear, and view in my everyday life. I get inspiration from many things.