Thursday, November 4, 2010

Light Luminaire

The above are sketches I made of possible ideas of a light luminaire that I would like to create.  My thoughts behind this were to thoroughly observe and study the effect of sun light shining through the leaves and branches of various trees.  I really would like to express this idea in a manner that gets the point across and is easily known but is not quite so obvious and recognizable. 

Viewing Sketch Books

This was created by Cory Odell, I think he did well with showing the shadows of the object and the light coming through it.

This was created by Christine Lumans, she did a great job at showing the contrast between the dark and light of the wood grains.  It looks very real as if I was looking right at it.

The above three sketches are ones from my own sketch book that show different parts of my wood project, from different views of it.  I tried to focus mainly on the different grains in the wood and the various patterns and lines that it creates.  I found that aspect of my wood project to be very interesting.  I also tried to focus on how the pieces of wood are held together, one with inter locking pieces and the other way was with a rod holding them together.