Monday, May 2, 2011


These are some in class sketches that I did throughout the semester.

Writers Retreat

For the St. Mary's House Writers Retreat I wanted the writer to feel like they were in their own home.  To give the house a home like feel I made each room look similar to a room in a house with simple colors and patterns in all of the rooms.  I also added lots of hallways throughout.  Each room has a specific function and a spot where the writer is able to write at.

Light Box

Incorporating Technology

Material Rendering and Value Studies

Dining Space

dining space perspective.

plan view

section elevation


top view of table

front view of sideboard

top view of sideboard

side view of sideboard

front view of table

side view of table

These are all images of my dining space that I created, including the table and sideboard that I designed to fit in the space.