Friday, October 28, 2011

Proposed Sinage

I will help contribute in the proposal group.  I hope to really show his work in the best light so that people will be able to truly appreciate his work and really engage in the beauty of it.  We will also incorporate a timeline in the exhibit to help with the effect of it. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blog That Assignment 004

Always Consider The Light:
For my groups project we have designed a cabinet that will be put in the lobby area of the Weatherspoon Art Museum.  We have incorporated natural light to enhance the cabinets interior.  We decided to do away with the use of artificial lighting simply because of cost and the fact that we want to keep the cabinet simple and be easily able to move around to any location and not have to be near an outlet to be plugged up.  We incorporated natural lighting by including an acrylic piece that covers the entire top of the cabinet to let light in.  Also, all of the shelves below the top will be made of acrylic material as well.  This will allow the light to pass all the way through the entire cabinet and not just stop at the top shelf.  On the shelves some of the merchandise will be displayed.  It will be easily seen due to the strong natural light coming into the cabinet.  This should direct peoples attention to the cabinet and hopefully make them want to take a look at the merchandise in it that is for sale.  This should spark peoples interest by making them not only appreciate the beauty of the cabinets architecture, but also to notice the objects for sale which will in the end make the customers want to go inside the gift shop to see more!

All of the Lights!

At the NC State Fair I saw so many pretty things that involved lights and colors (:

Animals Everywhere

This past weekend I visited the North Carolina State Fair and saw lots of beautiful animals, here they are!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Time (:

I love this picture because it reminds me of the fall and it makes me happy because I can't wait to start wearing my UGG boots and scarves, along with all of the other fall like clothing items that I have.  Fall is such a good time of year because of the pretty changing of the leaves, the cooler weather, Halloween and dressing up, and of course like I said before all of the cute clothes!

Halloween Fun!

These pumpkin pictures make me sooooo excited for Halloween and I am so in the spirit this year.  I already decorated my living room with all sorts of cool Halloween things!


For my groups project we are designing the cabinet to be placed in the Weatherspoon Art Museum.  Our project uses the elements and principles of design in many different ways, and here they are....

Rhythm: I think rhythm is shown in the cabinet by the celebrating of the bolts on the outside of the doors, normally one would hid the bolts used to hold up the shelving containers on the inside of the doors but we instead decided to make them seen.

Balance: There is more like a lack of balance in the cabinet because we designed the doors being asymmetrical so that one is much larger than the other to give it appeal.  

Emphasis: In my opinion the emphasis is on the curve at the top of the cabinet when it is closed because that is where my eye is drawn to.  But when the cabinet is closed I think the emphasis is on the inside and the items in it.  This is shown with the light from the top coming down into the cabinet. 

Unity: The unity is shown by all of the aspects and pieces coming together to make the cabinet as a whole.  Unity is shown where we incorporated the curve at the top into the door and drawer handles and the side pulls as well. 
Proportion: The proportion of the cabinet fits well considers the items that will be held inside of it and the size of the average person that will be looking in the cabinet. 

Line: We incorporated a curved line at the top that is also on the handles of the various parts and the rest of lines are just straight ones.

Color: We used a birch wood for all of the exterior but the inside on the shelves that are on the doors have the Weatherspoon green outlined on them.

Shape: There are squares and curved like unidentifiable shapes as well.
Texture: It will have a smooth texture where the wood is finished and polished.  The acrylic on the top and on the shelves will also have a smooth finish.  The bolts that are shown on the front will have a texture because they will stick out and be noticed.

Form: The form is within the actual cabinet of course, but of course with the bolts, shelves, top piece, the wheels, and the door shelf compartments.
Space: The space is what lies within the cabinet and it is defined by the perimeters of the four wooden walls used for the structure.